Prince Henry St. Clair

Prince Henry St Clair was a remarkable man of the 14th Century.  He was the first Scots Jarl of Orkney, a title granted to him by King Haakon in 1379. It has been claimed by many people that he was also a Knight of the Temple and with Templar funding, sailed to the continent we now call America with a fleet of 12 ships in 1398 we have as yet no direct proof of this.  The place and time of his death still remain a mystery, but one day all may be revealed. 
The Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory of SCOTTISH KNIGHT TEMPLARS has now been established at Noss Head Lighthouse Estate, in Caithness to serve God and Scotland.

The Worthy Grand Prior is, S.E. Chevalier Ian Sinclair KGCTpl

He can be contacted at
Office 01955 606700 or
Mobile 07881 305036

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+ Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory and Commandary Scotland +


The time has now come to bring the site up to date but where do we begin, so much has happened.

The Italian Headquarters of the Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory and Commandary based in Filottrano under the guidance of Grand Prior S.E. Chev. Sir Paolo Corallini KGCTpl. is continuing to move forward with its requiting of new applicants and the continued study of Rex Deus and the Sinclair history.

A number of Prince Henry St Clair Knights have set up a new meeting group and now assemble for meditation and ritual at the Preceptory and Commandary of the Abbey of Sant'Urbano under the adopted name of Prince William Sinclair.

The new Preceptory and Commandary of Prince Henry St Clair has been established in Romania.

Both the Grand Prior of Italy, S.E. Chev. Sir Paolo Corallini KGCTpl. and International Grand Prior S.E. Chev. Sir Ian Sinclair KGCTpl. attended to perform the Ritual and establish the new Order.

Squires, Mihnea Popescu, Serban Puiu and Bogdan Misu were raised to the rank of Knight in the Scottish Rite Ritual, all Knights were then requested to attend a selection committee to select their new Preceptor. In their wisdom they chose Sir Bogdan Gavra KOTpl whose new rank was elevated to K.O.P.Tpl. by International Grand Prior Sir Ian Sinclair KGCTpl.

Knights. Sir Mihnea Popescu KOTpl. Serban Puiu KOTpl. and Bogdan Misu KOTpl. were then installed into their new Officer ranks as Grand Marshal, Cleric, and Sword bearer.

The creation of the Prince Henry Sinclair Preceptory & Commandary of Romania in MOGOSOAIA PALACE acting under the "Order of the Scottish Rite Knight Templar's".
The officers unanimously elected Sir Bogdan Gavra KOPTpl. as acting Preceptor.
Their new permanent Commandary is: The Holy Trinity Chapel of the Stirbey Palace.



Firstly our apologies for the lack of current knight Templars information from the
Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory and Commandary. This is mainly due to the
politics of the situation that certain spineless individuals, from the cover of their
foxhole have attempted to discredit our organization and its members.

It goes without saying that these individuals will never be permitted to join the
Prince Henry St Clair Knight Templar organization, the main reason being that
they lack the basic requirement for Knighthood, they have no creditability
whatsoever among honourable men.

If any individual wishes to acquire any current information about our Order
and its membership requirements please contact

Grand Prior Chev. Ian Sinclair KGCTpl.

Office 01955 606700
Mobile 07881 305036

Our Preceptory has been presented with the finest quality
Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory Banner from our Italian Chevaliers.

On behalf of our Preceptory and its members I have written and thanked their
Grand Prior and his chevaliers for their very generous gift.

The Banner of course will required to be blessed and dedicated when next we meet,
all Preceptory Officers have been notified.







Events Diary for December 2004



On Thursday 9th December 2004 the Worthy Grand Prior and members of the Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory and Commandary, met up at 2 pm at the Rosslyn Glen Hotel to welcome our overseas visitors and also to attend a series of lectures which were delivered over the afternoon by visiting speakers, 16 overseas visitors were in attendance, following the lectures everyone boarded the coach to Edinburgh for the evening dinner.

Friday morning following breakfast the party reboarded the coach and set off for a visit to the graveyard and Templar Preceptory at Ballantrodoch in the village of Temple, we were met there by our great friend Jim Munro and despite a very cold day the group spent over 2 hours studying the site and taking pictures, some of the psychically gifted in the group enjoyed the contacts they made in the area and plan to return in the summer to pursue those contact.

Our next stop was a well deserved lunch and much discussion about the mornings discoveries at Ballantrodoch.

Following lunch we set off for our visit to Rosslyn Chapel where we were met once again by Jim Munro who guided the group around the chapel and gave them an excellent insight into the design and construction of William Sinclair's story carved in stone. At 4-30 pm the officers of the Conclave met for ceremony rehearsal.

At 5 pm prompt all the visitors assembled in the chapel and the entrance processional began, the Marshall, following the Preceptory Piper, led the procession into the chapel from the West entrance, when the Officers had assembled around the Knights Altar the Officer Commanding called for the Preceptory Sword to be presented, this being done the Conclave Opening Ceremony was then conducted by the Officer Commanding assisted by his Officers, followed by Salutations at the Knights Altar by all Mantled Knights.

Because of the number of Squires going through the ceremony the Grand Conclave had decided to hold two ceremonies to make it more personal, the first Ceremony received seven new Squires into the Order as did the second, with five female and nine males joining our ranks.

The Squiring Ceremony was followed by a very special event, the Grand Prior conferring  Honorary Knighthood with the Rank of Knight Grand Cross on ANDREW SINCLAIR, author of The Sword and the Grail and many more excellent books. Chevalier Andrew was very moved by the Accolade and congratulated the Grand Prior and his officers on the sincerity of the ceremony.

The Grand Prior thanked all his officers for their support and dedication he also thanked all visitors and hoped that they had enjoyed the proceedings he also wished them well for Christmas and the coming new year.

The Grand Prior and his Officers then closed the Conclave in true Templar tradition with all reverence and humility, the Preceptory Sword was then retired from the chapel.

The new Squires accompanied by officers and visitors were then piped from the chapel to the Rosslyn Glen Hotel where a three course meal awaited them, following the meal Chevalier Andrew gave a lecture on Templar history and gave the audience an insight into his forthcoming new book.

The Squires certificates were presented and several speeches were then made by both members of the Preceptory and the visitors, all being over the party made their way back to the hotel ready for an early departure next day.

Eight of the overseas visitors extended their visit by driving up to the Clan Sinclair Study Centre and Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory and Commandary where several interesting lectures and discussions took place over the next five days as well as visits to Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, Dirlot Castle and the Wick Heritage Centre.

On the 16th of December The Grand Prior bid farewell to the visitors and wished them a safe and comfortable journey back home to the USA.


The Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory & Commandary, of Scottish Knight Templars,  operate as an independent research establishment, specialising in Masonic and Templar Studies, for all Scottish and International Templar organisations who wish to join us.

The Preceptory of Prince Henry St Clair Scottish Knight Templars